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Amberley Romo
Kurt Kemple

0: Intro

July 08, 2019

Welcome to episode zero of the Fullstack Health podcast! Our first official episode is coming soon, but we wanted to take a little time to introduce this podcast and ourselves.


Not really guests on this teaser episode -- just us introducing ourselves!

Show Notes

0:52: Who we (Amberley and Kurt) are.

3:28: Why we wanted to make this podcast.

5:26: A little bit about the upcoming first official episode.


Amberley: [00:06] Hello there, and welcome to episode zero of the Fullstack Health podcast. We'll soon release our first official episode, but we wanted to take a little time to introduce this podcast and ourselves. I'm Amberley.

Kurt: [00:19] And I'm Kurt. We're both software developers interested in tech and health, and that's what this podcast will be about, the intersection of tech and health, both physical and mental.

Amberley: [00:29] We'll talk to people in the tech community about their personal experiences with physical and mental health. We'll talk to people who are building cool things in the digital health space. And we'll talk to a variety of health professionals about their particular areas of expertise.

Kurt: [00:43] So first, a little bit about who we are, how we got into development, our personal journeys with physical and mental health, and how this podcast came to be.

Kurt: [00:52] Hey, I'm Kurtis Kemple and I'm a dev advocate for AWS. I'm into all things really from mobile, web, and GraphQL related, and I'm also pretty big into something you might have heard of called Crossfit. My journey into tech started in my late 20s, where I learned to code mainly for front end, but over the years I kind of worked my way further back the stack and consider myself a full stack developer. Lately, I've taken my love for teaching and mentoring and taken a role as a dev advocate. It seems to be a really great fit for me.

Kurt: [01:23] As far as physical and mental health, I suffer from depression and drug addiction. And as I got more and more into coding, I started to adopt more and more bad habits. After suffering a few rough bouts of depression and some physical issues, I decided it was time to try and get myself well, both physically and mentally.

Amberley: [01:41] I'm Amberley Romo, and I'm a software engineer on the Gatsby team. I'm interested in all things front end, particularly in accessibility and community building. And my road into tech was kind of windy. I hesitate to call it nontraditional, because a nontraditional background is starting to become the traditional background. But I started in the nonprofit space doing graphic design, marketing, branding, and then later building WordPress sites and bespoke static sites.

Amberley: [02:12] And then for a while I was a technical project manager dealing primarily with data visualization heavy projects. And then finally I decided to narrow my focus to software and went to a code bootcamp, and that was over three years ago, and now here I am.

Amberley: [02:30] As far as my journey with mental and physical health, it's really been up and down for a lot of my life. I started dealing with depression and anxiety pretty early on, and managing that has been a lifelong process. I've also struggled a lot with body dysmorphia and disordered eating, and kind of like Kurt, when I started, when I did the bootcamp and I started full steam into software, I similarly had a phase where I was completely and totally focused on what I was doing to the detriment of my health. So, particularly in the last year or two, I've been really focused on getting that together.

Amberley: [03:15] So, that's me. Let's chat a little bit about how this podcast came to be and why we think it should be a thing.

Kurt: [03:28] Yeah, so I mean, for me, as far as why I think this should be a thing is, you know, there's a lot of people on social media especially, talking about either fitness or work/life balance and avoiding burnout, or eating. But none of it really seems to be organized or all together. And so I just thought a podcast about all things related to your health, not just getting to the gym, not just getting to sleep, but like combining all of these things, right, whether that be any type of mental or physical thing that affects your wellness as a person.

Kurt: [04:07] It'd be nice to have somewhere to talk about this stuff holistically, and I just don't feel like we have that right now.

Amberley: [04:14] Yeah, ditto. I see a lot of like, we're both pretty big on Twitter, I see a lot of quote unquote "Fitness Twitter" in the dev community and see a lot of people dedicating a lot of time and energy to topics in the digital mental health space, and it can feel like those worlds are kind of separate from each other or siloed away from each other. But it's two sides of the coin, and we really thought doing something that brought it all together in a holistic sense would be interesting to other people, because it's certainly interesting to us.

Kurt: [04:53] We are also trying to have on every episode somebody from whatever industry it is that we happen to be discussing, whether that's fitness or nutrition or mental health, have an actual expert from that industry join us as well. So kind of branching outside the dev community and talking to these specialists and professionals in those industries and getting their opinions and seeing what we can learn from them as well.

Amberley: [05:18] Or even more than branching, sort of bridging between those two things, and connecting them.

Kurt: [05:26] Yeah, so that's why we're so excited about this, and we hope that you get equally as excited.

Amberley: [05:31] So, that's a little bit about us and what we hope for this podcast to be. We're both first time podcasters, so right now we plan to put out monthly episodes, you know, because balance and realistic expectations, and we'll go from there.

Kurt: [05:45] Yeah, and our first episode will drop on Thursday, July 11th, and we're super excited to be speaking with Jamund and Kari Ferguson as well as Dr. Danielle Ramo.

Amberley: [05:55] Jamund and Kari are the co-organizers of AnxietyTech, which is a one day conference on the intersection of mental health and technology, and that's coming up soon in August in New York City. And Dr. Danielle Ramo is the research director of Hopelab, which is a social innovation lab focused on designing science-based technologies to improve the health and well-being of teens and young adults. Dr. Ramo will also be speaking at AnxietyTech.

Kurt: [06:23] So we'll see you soon for those conversations, and thanks so much for joining us.