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Playing: 8: Coping During COVID-19



Amberley Romo
Kurt Kemple

8: Coping During COVID-19

May 06, 2020

In this episode, Kurt and Amberley discuss the ways we've been coping during the pandemic, and ways we've heard from others.


Kurt 0:06
Hey, everyone, welcome to Fullstack Health, the podcast exploring mental and physical health in the tech industry. I'm Kurt.

Amberley Romo 0:13
And I'm Amberley. And in our last episode, we talked about how during this time with the pandemic, and with COVID-19, we can all be good members of our community -- what we can do to help out other people. And in this episode, we wanted to talk about sort of, you know, we've all been living this social distancing life now and whatever that means for everyone. That looks different for each person. And we wanted to talk about like, what that's been looking like for us and how we're dealing with it.

Kurt 0:53
Actually, you you tweeted recently, asking other folks how they were dealing... Or no, no, sorry It started with sourdough. And then it turned into how other people are kind of like other things they're doing to deal with COVID right, is that correct?

Amberley Romo 1:12

Kurt 1:13
That's right.

Amberley Romo 1:14
I've been going on a lot of walks during all of this in my neighborhood, like everybody else in my neighborhood has been doing. And I was listening to this podcast from the Post Reports about like, there's this rising obsession with baking bread and sourdough starters. And like, I think I knew that people had sourdough starters before or whatever, but I didn't know like, how much of a thing it was. And now lots and lots of people are all about it. And I was just kind of laughing to myself about there are these things that people have kind of like settled on there are people who are obsessed with sourdough and baking now and there are people who like super all about their houseplants. I bought four houseplants at the beginning of all of this. And then there are people who are just like living in Animal Crossing now. And so as a joke I put I put up this poll It was like "what pandemic persona are you?" What was it, sourdough enthusiast, houseplant collector, or lives an animal crossing now? Or other.

Kurt 2:28
That's what it was, "or other"? Yeah.

Amberley Romo 2:30
Or "other", yeah. And I was actually really impressed cause I within those archetypes, I got 70%. So, um, you know, with my very perfect, immaculately structured polling that happened.

Kurt 2:48
Oh, yeah.

Amberley Romo 2:49
It got like 700 like votes or something. I was like, it was actually really fun to watch yesterday. But with the "other" a lot of people responded, you know, playing lots of different video games that aren't Animal Crossing which is understandable. Things like sewing, knitting, different kinds of baking and cooking. A lot of people are doing gardening and yard work and stuff around the house that they've been putting off. A lot of people are throwing themselves hard into exercise and a lot of people are watching a lot of TV and streaming and hiding under the covers and I think a couple of people things like just like hiding under my... hiding under my duvet and sleeping.

Kurt 3:43
Which is also a super valid and a great thing. I spend a decent amount of time now I find myself lying in bed just like, "ugh", just waiting for the you know quarantine and to end and, yeah yeah.

Amberley Romo 4:00
But I thought was really interesting that you know a lot -- a lot of these things that everyone is doing has a lot to do with like, tactile reconnecting with like, doing things with your hands or, you know, some kind of escapism like video games or reading books or something or, you know, moving your body or escaping into a TV show or another thing that was interesting is this is actually from the Post Reports podcast, and I hadn't thought about it until the reporter said it. But they were trying to figure out like, okay, what's the whole thing with baking and everything and being obsessed with sourdough? And they said something about how like, you know, our lives have been turned upside down by this thing that we can't see, like this threat that you know, we can't look at it and identify it, but it's there. And this whole thing with, you know, sourdough starters and all this kind of like a chemical reaction and, you know, there are these things that you can't see happening. And it's sort of a way to reconnect with the natural world in a not scary, less threatening way than thinking about these tiny little viruses that are, you know, upending our way of life. And that thought carried through to like, yeah, that's kind of a consistent thread with everything else to just like reconnecting with our natural world and sort of being quiet with ourselves and taking time for ourselves.

Kurt 5:45
Yeah, there's a couple things in there that you said that resonated with me and like another way that I've been finding myself trying to escape is through work. Yeah, I've definitely been throwing myself into work I find The current situation is making me very anxious it's causing a lot of anxiety. And so that's why I mentioned kind of laying under the covers it's like when when I'm sediment I think a lot about the situation that's going on, you know, with my kids and then also with my health and being relatively high risk, it's just a lot to take in. So I definitely escaped through like work and like you said, video games exercise. It's funny, like all these things that you've mentioned, doing house chores, and you know, getting a ton of time with the kids and, you know, getting them outside when the weather is starting to be nice, you know, so try and have them out in the yard. Yeah, but yeah, just like the idea that for me, part of the the coping in trying to I guess is like escaping and being focused on other things so that my mind can't wander to kind of All the what ifs? You know, and the unknowns? Yeah.

Amberley Romo 7:06
Yeah. And we should also mention that we're talking specifically about, you know, the way that we're all sort of processing what's happening right now and sort of what we're doing in our own personal lives. A lot of people's situations all look different with job instability, and you know, what type of work that you do. And both of us are feeling extremely lucky for the work that we get to do and we're both already remote workers and stuff. So just want to go ahead and lay that out there

Kurt 7:44
Yeah. Yeah, exactly. But we're very lucky to be in situations where the effect is, you know, while still -- still bad, it's bad for everyone, right, that we're in a position where we're not having to worry about needs necessarily like being met at a level of like having enough money to feed ourselves or having a roof over our head and stuff like that, or being, you know, a single parent that's working full time, you know, and has no time or even two parents that are working full time and have kids and, you know, that's something that's been a real struggle for us, as well as trying to recreate schooling for our kids. Like, I'm not a teacher. Neither is my wife. But yet here we are teaching. You know, we still have like, online school, but it's not quite the same environments. You know, we're definitely taking on it's like an hour a day, they get to see their teachers and meet with them in a Zoom and, you know, the rest of the day, we have to like, put structure too. So it's, it's... yeah, very, very rough.

Amberley Romo 8:54
Yeah. And that's also just again, talking about our last episode. That's why we structured it the way that we did. First focusing on, you know, what ways we have the power to do things to help other people in our community. And you know, because we're all feeling like a tiny, tiny part of a very weird thing happening right now. And so, again, that's why we sort of conceived of this and what happens outside of ourselves and how we can affect other people. And then now, in this one sort of more turning inward talking about our day to day.

Kurt 9:37

Amberley Romo 9:40
So what have you been doing? I mean, you said, working, obviously, I cannot really, I cannot imagine I cannot relate. Having to sort of like, figure out how to school, your children and all of that. So aside from all that, and you said, You You know, throwing yourself into work what else has been up?

Kurt 10:04
I've been trying to like couple things on the exercise front that's something that I've been dealing with. I can't take my rheumatoid arthritis medication right now. So, like I have good days and bad days between joints swelling, but I've been trying to stay active, I've invested some more in I was lucky enough to get a little bit more home gym equipment. So I've done that and actually worked with some people from my gym to put together online programming for people who don't have a lot of equipment in our home and are short on time. So that was pretty interesting project to work on. I've also been like I've responded to your tweet under "other" and put "AV junkie", so I've been really big into like, like AV setup, I guess you could say for streaming and yeah, so that's that's been like not only a work interest but a personal interest as well. That's been a lot of fun. Yeah. Yeah, I would say those are like the biggest things and house stuff. I find myself doing a lot of things around the house that like little things that I've been putting off for a long time like, like if a door is like slightly off the hinges or creaking or something like I'm fixing it now I fixed the saying was leaking finally fix that. We put like a little outdoor garden thing against the side of our house. Yeah, so things like that. You know, I guess really just trying to stay active and busy. That's, that's been my biggest thing.

Amberley Romo 11:42
Yeah. And changing up your hair color.

Kurt 11:46
Oh, yeah. And changing up my hair color. So I used to dye my hair all the time when I was younger. And really up until about like, 10 years ago, I really stopped. And yeah, it's just we we dyed our kids hair. Donna and I dyed the kids hair a couple weeks ago. And I was like, "You know what? Like, I'm dyed my hair while I'm gonna dye my hair." And she's like, "Are you serious?" I was like, "Yeah, let's do it". And probably 30 minutes later, we were in the bathroom and she was bleaching my hair. And then I, the only color we had left was green, but I like green anyway. So we just did a whole head of green. And it's funny because I didn't even realize that it was like, right before 4.20 and so while not at all related, it was pretty funny that on 4.20 I had green hair, so

Amberley Romo 12:35
Yeah... on the list of... on the list of things that I did not put together. That's on there. Yeah.

Kurt 12:42
Yeah, it was pretty funny. Um, but yeah, I've noticed a lot of people also have been making changes to their personal appearance. I find that to be very interesting as well.

Amberley Romo 12:56
Yeah, you and I are both shamelessly in love with TikTok and...

Kurt 13:02

Amberley Romo 13:02
There's just this whole rash of people like, shaving their heads for the first time and doing like wild haircuts and dyeing their hair wild colors. And then there's also like, people who style hair professionally making videos and like, please don't do that and then come to me after this is over.

Kurt 13:25
Yeah, I even have a mustache. I've never had a mustache in my whole life. And...

Amberley Romo 13:30
I was being very kind and not saying anything about that, but you brought it up. Also you're not alone, like I've seen other people being like, "Alright, I'm gonna have a mustache now" or I'm gonna... yeah. So people are experimenting.

Kurt 13:47
This one actually happened on accident. I was just like trimming my beard like just all my facial hair like I do, but I actually do my mustache like one setting shorter because it's thicker than the rest so if I leave it the same it still looks like a mustache so I have to go one. And I was I save it for last I don't know why but Donna walked in right when I was about to shave it. And she was like, oh my goodness I've never seen you with a mustache before and she liked it. So I said "All right, I'll keep it."

Amberley Romo 14:20
Look at you a man with green hair and a mustache. Who are you?

Kurt 14:24
Like, seriously the first few days when I would like look into the mirror like wake up and I'm like, going to brush my teeth or something. And I look into the mirror it was like shocking. Like I was like I don't even recognize myself. Like it looks like someone else. Now I'm used to it. Yeah. What about what about you? What? What have you been doing? You know?

Amberley Romo 14:49
I've been doing a lot of things that a lot of people put -- answered in that poll thread yesterday. That was really fun. That was like wild.

Kurt 14:58
It was fun.

Amberley Romo 15:00
Um, so right before all this happened, I started again couch to 5k, because every time I start running and get through couch to 5k, inevitably I stopped running, and then I have to go through it again. So maybe this time, I will not stop and I won't have to do it again. But actually today I finished the last workout of week seven. So that's feeling really awesome. And I'm reading a lot of like, crime fiction. I read in the woods and you know, I was introduced to Tana French and then I watched the Dublin Murders. I got the Starz free trial week to watch that. Uhm, I've been walking a lot, obviously watching a lot of TikTok.

Kurt 15:57
Oh, yeah, me too.

Amberley Romo 15:59
I don't make any videos. But like it's such a cool, like self-expression outlet like I just I love seeing the type of stuff that people like. You can tell the people just really enjoy it and I find it to be really joyful.

Kurt 16:18
Yeah, Trevor Blades who I work with at Apollo said something to me that has stuck with me and I've brought this up I don't know how many times because it's a very good point. It's just something fun about watching people who really enjoy what they're doing do it.

Amberley Romo 16:32
Exactly, exactly.

Kurt 16:34
Yeah. Yeah. Like, it's like why...

Amberley Romo 16:38
I've worn makeup less than 10 times in my entire life. And that's not an exaggeration. But some of my favorite videos are just like watching people -- it's wild to just know that people can do that. And they just have so much fun doing it, I don't know, so that's, that's just fun. Every time I ever I just look over at my partner, I'm like, "We must protect Gen Z at all costs".

Kurt 17:05
That's hilarious. That's amazing. Yeah. And yeah, there's something about that and I also a big fan of TikTok. I've tried to make a few. I've done a few like doing. So Donna's now into TikTok. I finally dragged her in with me. And so now we make TikToks together. We did one we got one with the kids to do like a dance one. It was a lot of fun. Yeah,

Amberley Romo 17:27
Yeah. But yeah. Other than that, in my "poll archetypes" I fit into the "houseplants collector" type. When all this started, I bought four houseplants and I have ever since -- I've always loved plants, and I've never like, been that great at taking care of them. Like they're way more of a mystery to me than taking care of my two dogs. Like two dogs, easy. Plants, I don't even know. But so yeah, a lot of the last few months has been like fighting with these plants and looking at them and just like screaming, what do you want from me? So you know, that's really relax-- that's really relaxing.

Kurt 18:16
It sounds very relaxing. I'm not good with plants either Donna's amazing with them. I just I'm not very good at it. And it's not that I don't want to be like I've had plants on my desk. A lot of it is like not figuring, not getting things right. Like I need plants that need not as much sunlight. And I'm like, yeah, just not good at staying up on watering them. But yeah, we, another thing I've done is we adopted another dog. Yeah, yeah. So now we have two dogs and two cats and a bunny and a goldfish. They're really racking them up over here.

Amberley Romo 18:55
Luckiest kids ever.

Kurt 18:57
Yeah, for real well, really, Neptune our dog that we had, for a while, he's a very energetic dog, very, very hyper lab, and even hyper on like the, like on the side of labs for a lab. He's very hyper. And we play with him a lot and get them out and get them active but we just weren't able to stimulate him to the amount that he needs. And so we've been meeting with lots of foster-- like lots of rescue dogs, but it's very difficult to find one that's like good with really energetic dogs good with cats. Good with kids. You know what I mean? That's a lot, a tall order. But we finally found the cutest little girl, her name is Lola now, she's like six months old. She's just the right amount of like, energetic and loves to play with Neptune, but then also like, chills, so he's starting to chill out more and it's been Going amazing and yeah, so we couldn't be happier. We're getting actually, hopefully looking at, like, a lot of stuff for like fencing is very cheap right now. So I'm probably going to be building a fence. Because that's the one thing we're currently missing. We gotta get fenced in because now they like to, like run a route together with with just one with Neptune. He was like backyard trained, he wouldn't run off, but with two, it's just too hard.

Amberley Romo 20:26
Yeah. When did you actually adopt her again? When was that finalized?

Kurt 20:31
Uh, so now it's about it's been... Oh my God, I don't... Well, time is a construct. And it doesn't actually make sense anymore. So I think about a month ago, like,

Amberley Romo 20:42
So the reason why I ask is because I think it's funny that we both ended up with second dogs in the last month or two.

Kurt 20:51
Yes. Yeah.

Amberley Romo 20:51
Primarily because our dogs needed a friend. Yep. Like same. I have a Lab mix a Lab/Rottweiler mix and he just like... needed needed his dog people.

Kurt 21:06
Yep. Yeah and like the cats were cool like they were surprisingly cool with him you know like they wouldn't they would just let them be and like they never they have their claws like we didn't declaw but they never like even if he gets like too much they just back Hey, about Get away from me, you know, no claws out or anything though. Like we got it. We have just really great temperament to animals towards other animals. So it's been, we've been lucky in that regard.

Amberley Romo 21:33
Well, we could talk about our dogs for way too long.

Kurt 21:37
Oh, I could talk about dogs all day.

Amberley Romo 21:40
Um. One of the other things in terms of all this going on, that I want to talk about was the way we communicate with people. Because you and I, I mean you more than me, but we both do a lot of video communication, for work during the day. And then... I figured... I loathe phone calls. Like, I hate phone calls. I also hate video calls. I've accepted it as part of my like "work mode" that I need to do as a fully remote worker fine with that. But like I... in normal times, I prefer text-based communication and in-person communication. And like that, just those two things. And so now, you know, I moved back to Texas to be around my family and I can't, you know, haven't been up to Dallas to visit my family with all of this going on and I miss them. And I really thought that at some point, it would hit me where I just like, had this compulsion to call people and talk to them on the phone and no, I still don't want to talk on the phone to anyone.

Amberley Romo 22:54
And I can't even hide from my friends who want to do like group video chats like, "Hey, let's have a happy hour and like all jump on a call and chat." And you know, you can't even be like, "Oh, I have plans" or you know, all all of your introvert tactics are just like, out the window. So you're like... okay... and it's not that I don't miss or love them. It's just that I just don't like that type of communication. I don't know.

Kurt 23:28
Yeah, it's funny I because I feel like it's a bit of the opposite for me. I've been streaming a lot lately. Yeah. And yeah, yeah. And I really like that medium. I'm getting very comfortable at this point being in front of video like having video on. And interestingly enough, something that I was literally just thinking about because you're talking about how you prefer text is like, I've actually been trying to avoid text conversations because I'm trying to minimize the amount of use of my fingers, crazy as that sounds. Yeah, well, it's because my arthritis like I have good days and bad days, but the more typing and texting and stuff that I do, and scrolling and stuff like that the generally the higher the pain over the next couple days, so it's funny but like, yeah for me I'd rather talk on the phone or do a video call because I can just say what I want to say. And I don't have to talk like I only do basically like talk to text at this point. And they always come out weird, but I don't even care anymore. Like they don't get it right. Like all the words are wrong. I'm like, they'll figure it out. They'll get what I'm saying.

Amberley Romo 24:39
Yeah, I was gonna I was... that was, you read my mind, I was gonna ask if you do a lot of like speech synthesis, text to speech.

Kurt 24:46
Oh, yeah.

Amberley Romo 24:46
That makes perfect sense.

Kurt 24:48
Yeah, like, I'm still coding by hand and stuff. It's not like I'm in like, dire pain right now.

Amberley Romo 24:54
Artisan coding. Handmade.

Kurt 24:57
Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. But yeah, um, For most other things I'm, you know, looking for ways to avoid it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:04
Is there anything else that you've been doing or you've noticed that you want to talk about?

Unknown Speaker 25:10
Yeah, just like the interest in, in hobbies and how I think how wild it is that we've seen people, like you said, really diving back into things, or looking at new avenues. And again, the situation is different for everyone. And there's a lot of people who don't have the time or energy to be looking at new things. But for those who are and doing it, it's been wild. For my like to watch my Twitter timeline explode with all of these interesting topics that people are sharing, just because I enjoy seeing these interesting topics. And it's like a lot of people are making music like you said, or like art and all kinds of stuff. So I've really been enjoying that aspect of this. I love seeing like other people have something like a hobby that they really enjoy. I guess that goes back to that watching people do things that they love doing is satisfying. I don't know what it is about that. But yeah, just yeah, just wanted to touch on that, that I and I, I think the landscape is going to change forever with the way that we look at. I don't know work and what it means to like, I don't know, how you divide up your time. And I think that of course, it will be different for everyone but like, my father, my grandparents, like everyone knows how to do video calls now. Like we're having like, you know, 20 person video call like family reunions at this point. And it's just interesting because like, I want to see how this changes the landscape and ideas around communication. And of course, they'll always be people who don't want to communicate that way which is, you know, as well but for those who do will this push this part of the industry? Will we see a lot more platforms that are very user friendly as far as like, like, I think Facebook is releasing this right now, like with messenger group video calls is something that I believe I saw a commercial for. And you can do it for your little like Facebook nightstand thing too. Yeah, it's just pretty interesting. I wonder what's going to happen with that.

Kurt 27:26
And one other thing that I want to comment on getting more into the tech side is what this has done for events. And one thing that I've been doing to cope with the current situation is trying to attend some of these online events and get involved with the community in that way. And I think that is something that will also forever change the landscape of the tech industry and what we think of when it comes to events, I think they'll still be in person ones, but I think virtual events will become a lot more prevalent, right? And like it's just interesting. Like we had one at Apollo last week, it was like a two day event. And we had... it was a lot, a lot of people who had not been to an in-person event and we had a lot of people from all over the world. So it's just a lot of people like it got to hang out with who I never would have been able to meet or hang out with before. And that was nice. I like that.

Amberley Romo 28:36
That's awesome. Yeah, I'm glad that you brought that up, because I completely forgot about that. Did you? Did you happen to tune into any of the Women of React 2020.

Kurt 28:44
Yeah, I did. And I got to watch it with my daughter. It was her first conference and she loved it. She had a blast. Yeah. Cool.

Amberley Romo 28:53
Yeah. Just randomly my my coworker Aisha Blake helped set up the their moderation sort of stuff. Yeah. They had, they streamed the conference and they had a Discord set up for people who had registered. So, yeah, they had this whole setup for training moderators and had like a fleet of people assigned to different channels and stuff. So yeah, I was helping moderate. And I have tried to tune into an online-only conference before a couple times. And like tuned out and wasn't that interested and sort of forgot about it. And it was never something I was really interested in. And the Women of React conf-- the way that they they put it together in like four weeks or something, which is just mad impressive to begin with, but however they did it, like they really did a great job cultivating community andmaking people feel like it was an event --like it went by, a whole day, so fast. And I was just like, I was tuned in to the event all day.

Kurt 30:03
It was amazing. A shout out to Jen Creighton who works at Apollo. She was a main organizer of Women of React.

Amberley Romo 30:13
Yeah, I don't I don't know all off the top of my head but Jen Creighton.

Kurt 30:16
Oh, yeah, no, I just yeah.

Amberley Romo 30:18
Rachel Nabors and...

Kurt 30:20
Yeah, yeah. Rachel Nabors. Yeah, it was just really awesome to like get to watch all that come to life is pretty cool. But yeah, yeah, it was really awesome. Yeah, there were so many awesome people. So.

Amberley Romo 30:32
Okay, now that we've said names, I want to make sure I don't forget anybody. So I've looked at the website and other main organizers are Sarah Vieira and Kevin Lewis.

Kurt 30:41

Amberley Romo 30:43
Anyway, did they did a rad job and it made me a lot more excited to see like that develop that whole -- exactly what you're saying like this proliferation of online-only events.

Kurt 30:57
I also attended, reacts summit and I was involved with that one and more. I actually did a workout session during the break. We did like quick couple minute workout and some stretching and stuff like that. And it was great. It was a lot of fun. And then I hosted one of the "after hours party rooms". You can't see me, I'm doing air quotes right now. And we played Quake.js. So a bunch of people like jumped on and we played a game online, but I streamed it too. It was a lot of fun.

Amberley Romo 31:31
That's super cool. I remember seing you tweet about that. I didn't, I wasn't tuned into any other React Summit stuff, but...

Kurt 31:38
Yeah, it was. It was fun. I really enjoyed that. Yeah. I'm trying to think I mean that those are like the most the biggest things that have really I've, you know, been witness to myself. I'm curious, very curious. If you listen to this, you know, and I'd love to know what you're doing. Let me know if you you know how you're how you're handling this reach out, I'd love to see it like, whether it's a hobby or like you're just sitting in bed chillin, you know, like, whatever it is, you know? Yeah, I'd love I'd love to know, because, you know, I've found it fascinating to see like all the differences in the way that people are adapting.

Amberley Romo 32:20
Yeah, I also think it's really cool that a lot of people are like you're throwing yourself into streaming and, you know, you're feeling a lot of this energy going into that direction. And I am feeling a great energy for, you know, my day-to-day work. Not feeling particularly pressured to throw a bunch of additional energy into side projects, although I've gotten a lot of cool stuff done when I feel like like, I'm really like, interested and motivated to work on that. But I don't feel like an overwhelming compulsion like, "I must create something amazing and prolific coming out of all of this." At least, in our, the people that we talk to you on Twitter, the stuff that I've seen is has been overwhelmingly like, "you don't need to feel like you have to use this situation to like,"

Kurt 33:16
At all.

Amberley Romo 33:17
"Push out a bunch of content or create a giant project or whatever." So there's a lot of community support for just like, find a hobby that you know, you don't need to turn it into a side hustle or you don't need to do anything with it. You just do it.

Kurt 33:33
Yeah, literally anything. And that's a good segue into something else I wanted to mention too, which is like so far from the conversation. Like, I don't want the tone to come off that like, "Oh, you know, like, I'm okay and everything is great." And I'm finding all these new avenues like I have really bad days and even really bad weeks as well. It's like you mentioned before some days you're on fire and some days you just like don't want to get out of bed. And yeah, so if you're feeling like that, like that's something also in the community, like you just said, that I've been seeing a lot of support for is, is really weird. It's really hard to deal with. Not every day is going to be great or maybe they are awesome. That's amazing. But like, if it's not going great, you know, hopefully, you know, try not to feel too pressured about stuff like work and other things, you know, hope you're in an environment where people will understand because yeah, it's it's a really rough time right now.

Amberley Romo 34:34
Yeah, I think too, like, I enjoy talking to you. So our tones tend to be more like excitable and like,

Kurt 34:44

Amberley Romo 34:45
Like we both sort of like nerd out about stuff like this. So I'm glad that you said that that, yeah, we're not trying to paint like a... oh, god I just forgot the saying, or whatever. Rainbows and unicorns.

Kurt 35:00
Paint a pretty picture? Yeah, yeah. Sunshine and rainbows?

Amberley Romo 35:04
Yes. Sunshine and rainbows, that's it, oh god you know that arcane saying? Yeah, not trying to say it's all sunshine and rainbows or anything like very much not that but yeah. Do want to focus on some of the sort of silver linings and interesting things that have that have come come up in the last couple months?

Kurt 35:32
Absolutely. And yeah and so another quick follow up is I it's funny because I found myself more productive but it's not because I feel like this cert was sometimes like I do just feel good and like I'm on fire and I want to do a bunch of stuff but like, even the times that I don't I still find myself doing these things again, because as I mentioned earlier for me, I'm almost using it as an escape. No, not almost, I guess I am right If I'm staying busy on producing content, getting work done, you know, doing things like that, it's less time that I have to think about the weirdness that is the world right now. So.

Amberley Romo 36:14
Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. I don't know. Maybe that's some of what's driving a lot of my mojo at work right now that, you know, doesn't really, I don't really realize it. But, yeah, I think we're all sort of looking to reclaim control in whatever way makes sense. And that varies and is interesting and different across the board.

Kurt 36:44
Yep. Yeah. I haven't left my house. Literally, like gone off my property line, really. I've went out into the neighborhood twice. So I went for a mile run one time and then I did like this like rucksack walk but both in my neighborhood but those are the only two times that I did. Yeah, those are the only two times I've been off of like the property in two months now coming up on and that's really starting to get to me as well.

Amberley Romo 37:15
Is Donna, or do y'all have someone helping like groceries and stuff?

Kurt 37:21
So a lot of the stuff that we've been doing is like local places around here or doing like free deliveries. So we've been doing that just like tipping the delivery people astronomically but we have like a whole system. I was actually going to make a TikTok where I like walk in the front door and there's like gonna be like sheets like you go into a decontamination chamber and then like Donald's gonna be like scrubbing me down and stuff like that. But like that's the system that we have, like, you know, like, everything gets opened outside. And then like you don't touch the inside thing and that gets dumped into a container and then you come inside and wash up and change your clothes and it's like, that's crazy, but... not crazy, ugh, I don't even like that word that seems like a lot, but it's what makes me feel better about it and I don't want to take any chances. So it's like, it's very interesting. But yeah, we get like all that stuff and dropped off for the most part. Yeah,

Amberley Romo 38:16
Yeah, we uh, we switch off the only place I go is the grocery store. So I go every two weeks. I go one week and my partner goes the next week. And other than that, we've done some pickup stuff for like local restaurants and stuff. But yeah, other than that...

Kurt 38:43
Who, that's one thing I missed drastically. I would love to go outside. Especially with the weather getting nice. So yeah, I don't know maybe I'll start taking some more walks it like, you know, times when there's not a ton of people out. Luckily, like the road I live on is pretty off other roads and stuff. So there's not a ton of like, you know, foot traffic going around, but it's also just like my anxiety and paranoia stopping me from going out there. Yeah, you know, and being being afraid to go out that's, that's part of this, like, you know, something that I'm trying to cope with to deal with, like a lot of other things. And I think that that's the important message here is that we're all trying to cope with this and it's all happening to us in different ways. A great, someone... A good explanation I heard is that we're all in the same storm, we're just in different boats. And, you know, we're all going through it together. And yeah, so I just, you know, we thought it would be good to share, you know, what our experience is like, just so people can know, okay, you're not alone. Things are kind of upside down for everyone. And you Yeah, I you know, I just wanted to end on that note, you know.

Amberley Romo 39:59
Yeah, so we will catch y'all next time. No idea what cadence, all of our plans are up in the air with all this going on, but we will see you at some point and we hope that all of y'all are safe, and, as always, hope y'all are well.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai. Edited by Amberley Romo.